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I met Dino four years ago and have since seen his work around Melbourne. It wasn’t until recently that our paths crossed again at the Thornbury house he had spent months painting. Chatting at the property, he told me his story…. about how an unfortunate motorcycle accident damaged his right arm so badly that he had to teach himself from scratch how to paint with his left. The abandoned house proved the perfect canvas to practice his craft, on his own, during the cold winter months before the house was bulldozed. What is interesting is that he thinks that since painting with his left hand, his creativity and style has improved. The house was opened to the public for just 12 hours on a Sunday in November. This Colombian born artist is not only talented, but when you hear his passion and feel his determination, you can only be totally inspired. Here is the video of his rehab which is pretty full on but well worth checking out.



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