Documenting street art and graffiti in melbourne and beyond
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I first noticed DREZ when he was pushing the boundaries of letter based graffiti acrosss Melbourne. I reached out, we started chatting and then started hunting down and documenting his earlier works with his new optical pulse / gradient linework that I thought was fresh and so exciting. In 2020 I invited him down to paint a spot in Sunshine Lane Brunswick. I thought the three dimensional corner on this empty building could be the perfect blank canvas for him. Drez took that corner and created an absolute masterpiece (whilst also paying respect to Kaffeine’s goat painted on the door many years earlier). He worked for no financial gain, just to create a beautiful piece of work for the community to enjoy. In 2021, he came back and refreshed the artwork with a new colour scheme. This will always be a special piece of art in Sunshine Lane and the most documented and shared artwork in it’s ten year history. Thanks mate and I look forward to more good times going through portals in the future. You can click here for the awesome drone video and click here for the projection mapping video


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