Documenting street art and graffiti in melbourne and beyond

GOONHUGS the street artist – I love his work and think he is one of a kind. Best known for his stickers and paste ups which can be found slapped up all over Melbourne, as well as the odd total shop front and bus shelter takeover. I was seriously lucky to have received a one off original can for my collection featuring his classic sticker takeover  which I treasure. At his recent first ever solo exhibition “Tiny Writers” at Dark Horse Experiment, we see a totally different side to the secretive artist. We see the urban decay that surrounds us captured in mini dioramas documenting various shop fronts featuring his work amongst vast numbers of other notorious Melbourne graffiti writers and artists. He spends a couple of hundred hours on each piece so you can sort of understand how he gets all the details so spot on. And it’s all in the detail. This is one artist to watch, but best done up close, very close.


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