Documenting street art and graffiti in melbourne and beyond

Kaff-eine was was one the first street artists I really followed. From those early days around Brunswick I felt like I already knew her a bit as I could see what she was doing each week through her hand drawn stories ending up pasted on a wall in some hidden laneway. It took a few years and lots of persistence to get an introduction but once we met, we just clicked. Since then our paths have crossed so many times on so many projects including being the first highlighted artist in my first book Land of SunshineAll Your Walls, Heartcore and Amnesty International  Kaff-eine’s passion for her Manilla project started a trip with Emily Cheeseman and then came the Kabalaw exhibition which then led to the Phoenix exhibition all of which has led to Happyland 2016 -a fundraising event which will fund thirty art tarpaulins printed with her portraits that will shelter hundreds of people living in the HappyLand and Baseco dumpsites. You can read more about this here and still get involved by sponsoring a tarp HERE or get something from the Pozible campaign HERE  I look forward to many more good times shared and maybe a glass of moonshine…..


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