Documenting street art and graffiti in melbourne and beyond

As a documenter of street art and graffiti myself, there are some other photographers out there that I respect and admire – first and foremost Henry Chalfant and Martha Cooper for their amazing efforts in the 70’s and 80’s in New York, and then comes Rennie Ellis who was taking photos of graffiti he spotted in the lanes and on walls in Melbourne around the same time. I am extremely fortunate to have met and spent time with all three and absolutely treasure their books.

Then there is p1xels whom I met some time ago and whose photographs just blew me away. She has serious knowledge of how to use a camera and how to get those impressive shots especially at night. Such an incredible passionate person that I truly respect – she even offered to teach me how to use my camera properly (I should have taken her up on that!) Years later I still am in awe of her killer work and value our great friendship.

Needless to say I was super excited when I heard about the exhibition – combining the work of both Ellis and p1xels side by side – seeing the juxtaposition of the two eras of art on our streets and the evolution from politically charged text to incredible artworks filled with colour across both the street art and graffiti genres. Rennie’s photos have slogans and sayings on the walls but look deeper and in each of his images, you can see a little bit of true blue Aussie culture embedded in each image which is so valuable today. P1xels photos show just how far we have come with large murals and graffiti pieces and I love the pics showing the artists’ at work. You still have until 22nd December to check this out yourself at The Gallery at St.Kilda Town Hall and I highly recommend you do.


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