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streetartreasurehunt. melbourne cbd may 2011
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in the words of Monty Python…. and now for something completely different…

i thought it was time to try something new

a little more mentally challenging than just looking at street art images.

something that is not given to you, something you have to find and solve.

it’s a brain game. and also a street art treasure hunt.

the elusive CDH is the artist behind this  – check out his site

I have seen his quirky pieces around and I think his work is awesome.

find the piece pasted up in the CBD, work out the puzzle, follow the clues, and find the next piece.

so what is the treasure at the end you may ask?

the hunt is the treasure and the reward is a totally new experience.

first piece of the puzzle is in Bullens Lane off Lt Bourke street in Melbourne CBD.

good luck and happy hunting!

p.s  take your iphone and use google if your stuck for answers.


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