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Deams has been a favourite of mine for years, so much so that an epic work of his features on the cover of my book Street Art Now. As part of the legendary AWOL crew from Melbourne, he creates incredible geometric murals that I think fall under the category of graffuturism. I have known him to be a […]

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Outside the Box was an exhibition featuring 100 Australian based artists, in the month of October 2016 at No Vacancy Gallery, conceived and activated by Just Another Agency. This exhibition was unlike any other, all artists placed on a level playing field, no matter their status, experience, style, or technique. Each creative will have exactly 8 […]

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I first met Mysterious Al years ago when his old mate D*Face visited Melbourne and we’ve been good mates ever since. His signature ‘Franks’ are known worldwide, has collaborated with some of the world’s greatest brands and his works were recently on show in Art Basel Miami 2014. This year he has unveiled a new direction and evolved works […]

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