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surfacepop opening fibres femmes 27-05-11 melb
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6 Comments to “surfacepop opening fibres femmes 27-05-11 melb”

  1. Bec Kempster says:

    Awesome Dean! What time are they open to of an evening during the week? x

  2. GREAT! How awesome was the opening?!?!! This crew are all so talented individually and together its unbelievable!

  3. Awesome photos, buddy! I was hoping someone would snap a picture of Shinobi through Doc’s tear drops. What a champ!

  4. Lauren says:

    Awesome show! The artwork was amazing, combined with the vibe that Renee & crew consistently put out.
    Surface Pop is so welcoming & cruisy and when you throw in the calibre of artists that were part of the Fibre Femmes show….you simply can’t beat it!

  5. […] Sunshine posted up some really cool stuff this week as well. Pics from the Fibre Femmes opening last Friday (which was an amazing show!), as well as a new collection of Melbourne Paste Up images […]

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