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It’s not every day to get to see a huge collection of your favourite artists’ pieces in the one spot, let alone in your own backyard. Crossing Lines features over 200 works by Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat – the first time they have both been shown together like this. Both artists were based […]

The absolute highlight of my year in 2019 was organising this project. With amazing help from P1xels, we got a group of some of Melbourne’s most celebrated street artists together to create a large-scale mural eleven metres tall and thirty metres wide in Easey Street, Collingwood. The mural is a tribute to iconic New York […]

I recently supplied a list of Melbourne murals to Vogue. The brief was to show a range of different street art which were still available for anyone to go and track down and see for themselves in reality and in context… see the article and all thirty two murals here,41820

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On my recent trip to Tokyo I was lucky enough to hook up with Jin who took me on an awesome day of paintspotting accompanied by his two sons Nino and Nico It can be quite difficult to find all the artwork in a city you’re not familiar with, especially when you are short of time. These […]

Keith Haring was the first artist that opened my eyes to art on the streets. Back then in the eighties street art was new, rebellious and illegal. His book Art in Transit showcased his subway chalk drawings – it was the first street art book I purchased. In fact the first blog post on this site was of the mural […]

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So after two excruciating weeks of downtime, the blog is finally back up. and just in time for the 3rd birthday To commemorate this occasion we go back to where it all began The Keith Haring mural in Collingwood, recently restored to it’s former glory.  

KEITH HARING, THE MESSAGE – version intégrale by ARTECreative

I recently saw an incredible short film about Keith Haring’s visit to Australia in 1984. Keith Haring was my introduction to graffiti and pioneered a generation of people creating art on the street and in public areas. The above images show the piece he painted on the glass wall at the National Gallery of Victoria […]

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Keith Haring mural, painted March 1984 at Collingwood Technical School, Johnston Street, Collingwood this pic shows the mural in 2009 after years of decay UPDATED POST the mural after the restoration in 2014