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On my recent trip to Tokyo I was lucky enough to hook up with Jin who took me on an awesome day of paintspotting accompanied by his two sons Nino and Nico It can be quite difficult to find all the artwork in a city you’re not familiar with, especially when you are short of time. These guys drove me around to see it all, and even took me to secret locations where I was fortunate to see for myself, original pieces drawn by Keith Haring in 1986 on a wall in a carpark underneath and apartment building, and what is supposedly the only surviving Banksy rat stencil in the city. They are also avid Invader enthusiasts and showed me a heap of works which will be posted soon. I will forever be thankful for the excellent hospitality they showed me.



2 Comments to “TOKYO STREET ART JUNE 2016”

  1. Isabel says:

    Hello! Thank you for posting about Street art in Tokyo! I´m in Tokyo for a week right now, and I´m particularly looking for Street art depicting women.

    Did you find most of the murals (I mean the bigger ones only) in Tennozu Isle, in Tokyo Bay by any chance? I would love to see the first and fourth mural you´ve posted!

    Thank you so much!


    • admin says:

      the first was in harajuku whereas the fourth I was taken to and do not know the actual address.
      sorry I can not be of more help..