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deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_CRASH DAZE Lisa Project 1

So I contacted The Lisa Project  (Little Italy Street Art Project) before going to New York to see if someone could take me on a tour. When I got there I met Wayne at his “office” in Little Italy and we instantly hit it off. We spent a few hours together walking the streets and seeing all […]

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_KEITH HARING NYC 1

Keith Haring was the first artist that opened my eyes to art on the streets. Back then in the eighties street art was new, rebellious and illegal. His book Art in Transit showcased his subway chalk drawings – it was the first street art book I purchased. In fact the first blog post on this site was of the mural […]

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 41 1

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deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_preston graffiti wall 1
deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 40 1

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_last breath project 1

Last Breath IV (Melbourne) from Last Breath on Vimeo.  

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_SHIDA inner myths 1

Inner Myths Sydney from Shida ZRF on Vimeo.  

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_craned trains bombed last time 1

  see one of the trains getting craned up here