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23rd Key for Eastland Urban Art Project from deansunshine on Vimeo. Baby Guerilla for Eastland Urban Art Project from deansunshine on Vimeo. Camille Walala for Eastland Urban Art Project from deansunshine on Vimeo. Vexta for Eastland Urban Art Project from deansunshine on Vimeo. Lucy Lucy for Eastland Urban Art Project from deansunshine on Vimeo. Shannon […]

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Before Adnate started painting incredible realistic portraits all over the globe, he was a young graffiti writer in Melbourne following the works being created for Meeting Of Styles, a European graffiti festival that started in 2002. The event was recently held in Melbourne for the first time with over 200 artists painting around the city and in […]

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Kaff-eine was was one the first street artists I really followed. From those early days around Brunswick I felt like I already knew her a bit as I could see what she was doing each week through her hand drawn stories ending up pasted on a wall in some hidden laneway. It took a few years and lots […]

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I got the early heads up about this mural, was sent the address, drove down, took the pic and put it up on Instagram soon after it was finished. Little did I know that the story would go viral with loads of media covering it including local TV news, as well as Vogue Australia and global sites such as MTV  ET Perez Hilton New York […]

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This was such an awesome project – over one hundred artists came together to paint in an old timber mill to help raise funds for local charities – organised by Arianna Leane, Alex McCulloch and Ken McGregor. Check the news article here and some videos here and here

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James Cochran, also known as Jimmy C, now resides in London where he has been painting in his unique drip and scribble style for years now. His portraits are well known, but none more than the David Bowie he painted not long before he passed away. The wall turned into an unofficial tribute spot with hundreds […]

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This has to be my most inspiring project of 2015 – getting two of my favourite Melbourne’s street artists to collaborate for the first time on a large wall in St.Kilda. The brief was – use local artists to paint a big mural in a highly visible spot to help raise awareness of the Write for Rights campaign […]

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